Expected results

First year

Definition of the most suitable organizational procedures, timing and operative modalities, for vineyard mapping through remote or proximal sensing in order to define a decision support system (DSS) based on plant vigor and based on enological objective

Definition of a suitable vegetative vigor for Croatina variety in order to optimize bud fertility and especially the basal bud

Definition of organizational procedure for late winter pruning to postpone grape harvest in suitable moment of the year to ensure to obtain the best qualitative characteristics based on climate change

Second year

Definition of guidelines for the most suitable vigor level assessment using remote or proximal investigation method based on the different enological objective

Identification of the more suitable winter pruning techniques to maintain a steady production for the Croatina variety

Identification of the guidelines on late winter pruning to ensure a postponed ripening of the grapes in suitable moment to ensure the best qualitative characteristics

Third year

Protocols and services to ensure a correct characterization and correct management of the spatial variability that can be found in the vineyards and to provide advices on strategies (Decision Support System) for its management (selective harvest in both hand and machine case (where allowed) or it correction (fertilisation, soil management, pruning intensity at variable ratio)

Assessment of the production level of Croatina with the introduced techniques

Published on: 05/11/2020
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VIRECLI is an operational group for innovation financed under the measure 16 "Cooperation" of the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 of the Lombardy Region (submeasure 16.1 "Support for the establishment and management of EIP Operational Groups on agricultural productivity and sustainability").
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